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"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it
and I shall move the world" - Archimedes

VHS - Executive Summary

Today is 15 Nov 2018 at VHS, USA

At VHS we think you are MAD not to publish your executive summary online.

The more participants we have the better. Go on - steal IT! Rebrand IT. We dare you.

Just remember all VHS artwork, photography, video, text, trademarks and domains that include
virtualhubsyndicate.* are protected by copyright under the DMCA

We - Write Articles + Photography + Video + Email Broadcast + Sell Products.

Interactive Digital + Archival press quality - printable PDF.

Virtual Hub Syndicate is Online Interfacing with IP rights held in UK/AU/USA.

We do. Eliminate code and provide freedom and speed in custom
Electronic/Digital (Educational) design and authentic publishing.

We do not. Download software packages and apply pre-made temp late s
to communicate to our audiences.

How we are different. Our system lets you earn income by producing high quality
web design work with minimal technical knowledge.

Our launch date is non applicable. We are not flying a rocket into outer space.

Get serious - VHS is an evolution - not a star tup.

Our wheel

VHS has never been about office spaces - which by the way are as boring as batshit! Our wheel is about capital distribution. V is for Virtual. H is for your Hub (home/house or hubby). S is for Syndicate (or syndicated publishing)

We run multiple Syndicates by allocating up to 8 roles to a domain name. Each Syndicate operates its online business Independently through the Site Manager's interaction with the team roles. Syndicates can be teams of Sub-contractors, At-home employees or A individual. This structure is determined
by the Site Manager.

If you are Independent - waiting for a Site Manager - or are not ready to perform as a Site Manager register for your preferred roles and VHS will promote your skills to a team.

Site Setup Costs
Ongoing Monthly Subscriptions
Production equipment

VHS is an Apple MAC OSX enterprise. You must own and maintain your own content production equipment. Our view is that iPad's are great for kids in education and telephones are best used for text or talking. iPads and iPhones are not VHS design equipment. Content that reaches these devices is fine. (VHS does not consider a telephone a VHS design device - though you are free to make your own choice)

Free Software / Restricted Access

VHS is free software with restricted access. Access to our Linux server technology is limited to merit and experience to preserve integrity into the system - in addition to providing safety precautions for junior designer/developers. Background / resume checks will be verified by VHS and our Site Managers. Time based qualifications are required to manage your own VPS within our network. Use and modification of VHS outside of our hosted network is done so at your own risk. Official VHS source code can only be distributed from VHS main.

Software License

VHS does not offer any type of licensing agreement to use our software. We issue a license number with your user id. You can operate completely independent of VHS and retain your licence. If you get lost in translation for a while - we welcome your return to your mega ship.

Developers of Additional Architecture

Additional functionality can be integrated with VHS at Site Managers or Designers cost and maintenance. For successful additions VHS will make promotion and self install pathways available to other Syndicates so that you can profit from your enterprising work.


Any business found to be trading during insolvency will have their domain content removed from the internet by VHS. Insolvent shut downs override all Site Manager decisions. This policy protects all people/roles and is not negotiable.

Succession / Key Personnel death or permanent disability

In a key persons death - their electronic equipment will be immediately shipped to the next in charge.

Commercial Structure

Virtual Hub Syndicate attracts the distribution of capital. We are not a capitalist organisation.

Virtual Hub Syndicate - Bored?

VHS is not an Association or a Not-For-Profit. VHS is Leader Ship! with no official bored members. Each person is responsible for their own banking (or tax if applicable). VHS excludes boring people (and weak-headed CEOs).

Talent Policy

Virtual Hub Syndicates aim is to nurture and support young talent. We make every aim to retain our talent throughout Professional and Life events. The Site Manager sets your working environment. If you are unhappy with your Site Manager let us know. VHS will talk to you and your Site Manager to find a resolution. Site Managers can be replaced. VHS was created by a designer, not a manager.

Work hours

Obviously work hours are due date dependant. VHS does not support slogging yourself 9-5 for no good reason. As a creative professional if you need to go for a surf, spend some time with family or engage in any other activity that promotes higher value output we support you. It's okay to solve something at an irregular hour as long as the job is getting done. VHS will not support site managers who make deadlines the responsibility of the designer through failed project planning.


Access to VHS is logged to support both you and the site manager in case there is a problem. VHS does not track mouse movements, keep time-sheets on your behalf, or record your meta-data (the websites you visit).

Location of your files

Location of your online files is as follows. You may make your own selection for hosting your project. Other locations will be added as and when appropriate. No announcements will be made - other than the availability shown on our website.

Cloud Assignments

VHS is not an open cloud. Any shared server resources must be between related business or online communities. In this way VHS can issue updates to your community in the advent of a disruption or technical issue. Your community can then respond to changes accordingly without the interference of other groups.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is owned by the content creators, and remains under their direction in the absence of a copyright licensing agreement. Breaches of copyright by a person or business will result in a DMCA take down of that content by VHS and may result in termination of your business services and the deletion of your business.

Cookies and Internet Privacy

VHS uses Session cookies only. When you close your web browser this deletes any cookies from your machine - therefore maintaining your privacy between Sessions.

Data & Internet Privacy

VHS collects your data for VHS business purposes only. We will not share your data with any third party. Everything is confidential, up to and including your First Name, Last Name, and other contact information you provide. At any time you may request removal of your data from our systems, including any correspondence, and we will delete it permanently from the internet, keeping only offline DVD data backups as required.

" Consider the sound waves our world has to offer - there's nothing wrong with having a bit of 'rock' in your head "

- P.

Site Backups

VHS is backed up daily and weekly as a group snapshot. Restoring from this method is time consuming and expensive. For your benefit - a weekly Site Backup is available to your Backup Folder accessible by your Designer/Developer. Site Managers are encouraged to obtain a backup of these assets on DVD at time intervals appropriate to each Syndicate. We are providing backup technology so that a VHS site will work from your DVD enabled website player without a domain name or server.

VHS > DVD > Internet > DVD > VHS


All Syndicates must carry their own insurance. Site Managers must provide cover, or - advise their teams of appropriate insurance steps in relation to individual business activities. Small businesses are required to have small business insurance. Single operatives are required to have adequate life insurance. Certificates of Insurance must be submitted to VHS.

External Service Providers

VHS has no preference regarding external service providers such as, and not limited to - banking institutions, telecommunications or electricity service providers. VHS has no view on the investments or business strategies of those businesses. How you choose to interact with these companies, your money and your world is up to you. If you have any opinion on how things should work, produce it on your own domain name.


VHS does not support discrimination of any kind. VHS does not support the mental health system - unless that service is needed to keep you out of jail. Disclosure of your personal background is confidential. Any such information will be used to tailor your VHS experience in a way that accommodates your working requirements and desired career outcomes.


VHS is priceless. VHS is based on free and open source contributions. VHS cannot be sold.


Leadership within VHS is non permanent and unassigned to ensure the project
retains an infinite charter.

Server Warranty

Virtual Hub Syndicate comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by
applicable law.

SSL Certificates

To secure communications on your domain an SSL certificate can be installed. Warranties are
provided by that SSL provider, not VHS.

Terms of Service, Service Level Agreements, Application Service Agreements

VHS does not offer any type of agreement that overrides the above warranties.


Where a service has been rendered, invoiced and remains incomplete due to oversight -
VHS guarantees to fix the issue without charge.

The time (and pressure, if applicable) to resolve any issue is shared.


Why we rock

All you need is ++

A Mac

A SuperDrive

Adobe Creative Suite

HTML5 / CSS knowledge

Advanced programming skills like -

PHP or Linux admin are purely optional

Serious Mac Web Developers can benefit from a IDE such as Coda